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We are a specialist Oilfield Asset Acquisition and development technology company offering innovative Real Time Flow Assurance Management, wide oil and gas industry, and the wider energy industry.

We work at the forefront of real time Well Testing; Sand and Well Integrity management. With our core of multidisciplinary specialist, we offer a unique engineered and integrated approach to integrated oilfield development well construction management, integrated sand management and long term production maintenance for reduction in non-productive time.

With a technical centers in Lagos, Port Harcourt and Edinburgh UK, I-Flow Energy provides, with our strategic partners, unique INTEGRATED specialized technology development and services.


To maximize the return from oil & gas and energy value by actively participating throughout the assets’ life cycles, from exploration to abandonment. Activities encompass working with upstream investment opportunities (principally in emerging provinces), providing technical and project management organizations with recognized expertise and experience in Integrated Petroleum Engineering Solutions, oilfield development/operation, Unconventional Energy Technologies and Capacity Building to the international oil and gas and energy industries.


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Oil & Gas Assets Acquisition & Development

Our organisation leads a consortium of specialist investment and oilfield project management organizations with recognised expertise and experience in integrated petroleum engineering solutions, oilfield development/operation,unconventional energy technologies and capacity building to the international oil and gas and energy industries

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