Multi-phase Flow Meter and Well Testing

We undertake Well Testing with dedicated Flow and HydroUnit

Our Flowatch MPFM is a non-intrusive in-line metering system providing real-time measurement of oil, gas water and solids flow rates without any separation or moving parts.


The flow rates and void fractions of oil, water and gas are calculated and transmitted in real-time based on the measurements of the differential pressure across a sized venture inlet.

The Flowatch implements the latest state of the art technologies such as the NIR (near infrared) optical probe in order tom provide an even more reliable and robust measurement to our customers.


  • No radioactive source used. Gamma Ray version also available for special applications
  • Water cut measurement, independent of salinity, without transition region
  • Covers all multiphase and wetgas flow regimes
  • High repeatability and long term stability due to high quality components
  • Suitable for mobile applications (e.e. on trailer or truck)
  • Easy Calibration
  • Near Infra Red System for WLR
  • Operating range to 10Kpsi, 3500C, 100% GVF ALL Water Salinity.


  • Multiphase Flow Meter
  • Wet Gas Meter
  • Multiphase Wet Gas Flow Meter
  • Well Testing Service [MER TEST]
  • Topside [ Onshore & Inland] Version
  • Deepwater/Subsea

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